drugs in the rurals


Zithulele Village has a serious and growing drug problem. Children as young as 14 years old are addicted to various types of narcotics including tik. 

Our local hospital, Zithulele hospital has in the past felt daunted when dealing with cases of addiction though the staff always tried their best. 

As the hospital is getting a R890-million face lift. We ask that the MEC Nkosazana Meth treat this as the pandemic that it is, many other villages are also affected. 

Please dedicate a small wing into a somewhat rehab facility with counselors and doctors that are specialized to work with addicts. So many of our youth have quit school and resorted to violent crime as it is. We need to put a stop to this. 

We also want our local police to take serious action and assist the community in finding the perpetrators who are destroying the future of our village and make sure that the law takes its course. 

How to help: