zithulele mamas society

Hello There, my name is Sinovuyo. I am a mama and educator from a small village in the Eastern Cape of South Africa called Zithulele.

Mothers are the backbone of our village, they work so hard every day to care for and to provide for their families and they never get a break. As a mother myself, I've felt a deep need to have a community of mothers who we could support each other and share the load of mothering. 

Last year I had this idea to call on mothers around me to come together for an event that wouldn't only be empowering to us but also where we could all just get a break. The idea was to charge a small fee and for that, a mama who runs a daycare would take care of our love seeds for that day, one mama who runs a nail salon could do our nails, another mama could cook us a nutritious meal. 

And we could get together to have important community-building conversations in a safe space while also supporting other moms in business. Our theme was "Removing fear from discipline" And as they say "If you build it, they will come". Lots of moms contacted me to tell me how much they needed such a space, but sadly most of those moms couldn't afford the R200 ask. I wished there was a way that we could have this event accessible to all moms, so I started a back a buddy to make sure all the moms who wanted to attend could come! 

All proceeds went go to the caterer, the lady who does the nails, and the daycare which are all women-run businesses in our community.

I'm asking you to give these moms this break on a monthly basis by continuing to donate to our go fund me! 

This is the last event we had like this, help us have another one!