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Strengthening Mothers: Funding Proposal for Zithulele Mamas Quarterly Events


Intshisakalo Yolutsha is committed to supporting mothers in our community through the Zithulele Mamas quarterly events. These events provide a recurring platform for mothers to come together, share experiences, and find support in addressing the challenges they face. We are seeking funding to organize the Zithulele Mamas events, which will take place three times a year, providing ongoing opportunities for mothers to connect, relax, and discuss their concerns.


Mothers play a central role in the well-being of families and communities, yet they often face numerous challenges that can impact their mental, emotional, and physical health. The Zithulele Mamas quarterly events aim to provide a consistent and supportive space for mothers to come together, share their stories, and receive support and resources to navigate the complexities of motherhood.


1. Establish a recurring series of Zithulele Mamas events, held three times a year, to provide ongoing support and empowerment for mothers in our community.

2. Facilitate meaningful connections and relationships among mothers, fostering a sense of community and solidarity.

3. Address key issues faced by mothers through workshops, discussions, and resource-sharing.

4. Promote self-care and well-being among mothers through relaxation activities and access to supportive services.


1. Mothers' Circle: Quarterly group discussions where mothers can share experiences, challenges, and successes in a supportive environment.

2. Workshops:Rotating topics such as parenting skills, financial literacy, mental health, and self-care, tailored to the needs and interests of participants.

3. Networking Opportunities: Structured activities to facilitate connections and peer support among mothers.

4. Relaxation Activities: Yoga, meditation, massage, and other relaxation techniques to promote self-care and stress relief.

5. Resource Fair: Access to local organizations and services offering support for mothers, such as childcare assistance, healthcare resources, and community programs.

6. Entertainment and Refreshments: Music, dance, storytelling, and refreshments to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.

Expected Outcomes:

- Increased social support and solidarity among mothers, leading to improved mental and emotional well-being.

- Enhanced parenting skills and knowledge among participants through workshops and resource-sharing.

- Greater awareness of community resources and support services available to mothers.

- Strengthened community bonds and a sense of belonging among participants.


- Venue rental (per event): R5,000

- Refreshments (per event): R1,500

- Workshop materials (per event): R1,000

- Entertainment (per event): R2,000

- Relaxation activities (per event): R2,500

- Administrative expenses (per event): R1,500

- Miscellaneous (per event): R1,000

Total (per event): R14,500

Total (for three events): R43,500


By supporting the Zithulele Mamas quarterly events, you will help create a sustainable and impactful program that provides ongoing support and empowerment for mothers in our community. Together, we can strengthen families, promote well-being, and build a more resilient community.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to make a positive impact with your support.

This is the last event we had like this, help us have another one!