Our work

Team work makes the dream work

Our campaigns work in these ways:

  1. Sisasaza ULwazi // Spread the word: Let the community know how they are impacted.

  2. Nika abantu iziXhobo zokuzenzela // Capacitate people with tools to fix their own problems: Show people how much power they have for change.

  3. Inkxaso, nenkathalo // Care and support: creation of alternative activities, mentoring, referrals to services, support groups, youth clubs, parenting groups, Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous.

  4. Inguqu ebonakalayo // Visible change: Success stories

  5. Umthetho osebenzayo // Laws that work: Working with law makers and implementers. (local police etc)

  6. Ukusebenzisana kwabantu // Communities that work together: Calling on all surrounding villages.

  7. Ukutshintsha kweepolicy // Changing policies: Make new suggestions to policy.